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» Donate Now And See The Amazi ... (Posted: 08/11/2016)

» Donations Made Credits Towar ... (Posted: 08/11/2016)
special mention to the Kearn's Family - of the late Audrey Doreen Kearns for an amazing donation of £1,000.  ...

» Full Cast For TBWA Autism Film (Posted: 01/06/2016)
    Above Callum Westbury to play the part of Kevin Healey in the film TBWA ...

» Auditions A Huge Succes Twin ... (Posted: 18/05/2016)
We had over 21 Auditions yesterday, from children to adults ...

» Auditions Take Place Next Mo ... (Posted: 14/04/2016)
Film based on autistic identical twins first of its kind made worldwide: Andrew Dobosz is directing a biopic drama this summer based on Kevin Healey's book "Twin Brothers Worlds Apart" We will be audition ...

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